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Are you traveling to Diani beach?

Traveling to Diani beach 1

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After your safari a beach holiday is a must and this should be Kenya’s southern coast: expect palm-fringed white sandy beaches with crystal blue waters and some of Africa’s finest dive spots. Diani Beach (where most of our recommended accommodation options are located) is world-famous for its pristine white beaches and safe, shallow, tropical waters – the classic beach destination perfect for either families or those seeking a romantic honeymoon destination. Kenya’s warm tropical water (in particular around the Diani area) is well-known for its migrating whale sharks known as the gentle giants of the deep (and measuring longer even than a school bus!

How do you get to Diani beach?

You can access Diani Beach through several ways. All flights to Diani arrive at Ukunda Airport, a relatively small airport with only one airstrip. Guests in Masai Mara who wish to experience a relaxing holiday in Diani can easily do so by taking Mombasa Air Safari, blue sky aviation or Aeronav Air services for a direct flight to Diani Ukunda Airport. Direct flights from Masai mara to Diani beach are daily and depart from mara at around 13:00hrs. The flights hop from airstrip to the other pick up clients and will typically leave masai mara by 2.00pm. The type of aircrafts used are Let410-19seater planes and the 13seater caravans.

You can also consider taking connecting flights from Nairobi to Diani Ukunda Airport. The airport is well served by several main airline operators these include Jambojet from JKIA, Jambojet is the only flight that flies directly from Nairobi international airport into Diani beach. Jambojet has a twice daily schedule flights into Diani beach. One morning flight that departs from Nairobi airport at around 10:30hrs and another afternoon flight that leaves jomo Kenyatta international airport (Nairobi airport) at 14:45hrs. During the low season of May and June Jambojet may reduce their frequency to once a day.

Flysax, Safarilink, Silverstone, Tristar and Airkenya fly daily from Wilson Airport to Diani beach. Wilson Airport is an airport in Nairobi, Kenya. It has flights to many regional airports in Kenya while Nairobi’s main airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, serves domestic and many international destinations Wilson airport is the hub for small airlines that frequent the tourist routes and other small towns in Kenya.

Ukunda airport is about a five-minute drive on cobalt road to the main Diani Beach road. Most of the hotels, beach resorts, villas and cottages are within reach from the airport.

Once you land you will find a lot taxis at airport with offers to transfer you to your hotels. The fares will be range from $10 – $25 depending on your destination. If you are staying along Diani beach road then usual fare is anywhere between $10 – $15. If you go further up to Chale Island the your fare will be around $30 – $35. If your hotel is in tiwi beach area then your fare will range between $20 – $25. Sometimes the taxi fare might change depending on the size of the vehicle. If you are using a 8 seater van then it will be slightly higher that the quoted fares.

Alternatively, you could fly to Mombasa from Nairobi on Kenya Airways. Upon arrival in Mombasa, you will need a transfer to Diani via the Likoni Ferry. A ferry ride is only five – seven minutes from Mombasa Island to the South Coast, but the queue to get on the ferry can result in more than an hour wait. The Kenya Ferry Service does not charge people using the ferry. However, motor vehicles are charged. The drive from getting off the ferry to Diani is roughly about forty minutes on a relatively good tarmac road.

We can arrangements for pick up and drop off for all guest arriving and leaving from Ukunda.

Flight Schedules to Diani Beach

Once daily scheduled flight from Masai Mara departing at 14h00 with Mombasa Air, Bluesky aviation and Aeronav.

Once daily scheduled flight from Nairobi Wilson departing at 09h30 on Air Kenya. This flight company has however announced they will no longer operate flights into the Kenya coast from 2019.

Once daily scheduled flight from Nairobi Wilson departing at 14h00 on Safarilink

Twice daily with Jambojet from Nairobi international airport. Morning and afternoon flights.

Twice daily with Silvertone from Wilson airport.

Once daily with Flysax from Wison airport at 11h50.

Multiple daily scheduled flights from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to Moi International Airport, Mombasa.

Airport – The nearest international airport to Diani Beach is the Moi International Airport in Mombasa. Condor airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish airlines fly direct into Mombasa airport. The latest addition of direct international flight into Mombasa is Qatar airways which will be landing in Mombasa from December 2018. Other airlines that fly into Mombasa are Kenya airways, Fly 540, Skyward and Jambojet. You can either fly in from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or catch one of the direct flights from Europe and other African countries.

If you are traveling by road from Mombasa take the highway towards the Tanzanian border, take the ferry across from Mombasa and continue until you come to the town of Ukunda. From there you will take the Diani Road. It is best to travel with a local tour operator -but if you are on a budget or are feeling adventurous you can travel by local minibus taxis called matatus, but these are often overcrowded.

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