Samburu sopa lodge Samburu sopa lodge located inside the Samburu National Reserve in Northern Kenya, Samburu Sopa lodge is built atop high ground allowing panoramic views of the vastness of Samburu shrub land and the hills beyond. Samburu Sopa Lodge is built like Samburu houses and village in its architectural designs. The warm color scheme of the golden earth and the yellows and browns of the arid landscape along with the ochre of the stone tiles on the floor are stunningly handsome. High thatched ceilings cool the breeze as it circulates freely through the lodge. The main house of this economical lodge includes a spacious lounge and bar where Wi-Fi services are available to connected guests traveling. The lodge has thirty individual guest cottages each comprising of two rooms totaling to 60 rooms. These cottages are arranged in a rough semicircle around a central semi-arid watering hole where animals come to drink during the day and night. The cottages have a unique curved shape and their rounded roofs are thatched with grass.
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