Accomodation Summary

A backdrop of the towering Ngulia Hills with the fence-protected Rhino Sanctuary spread before you; this is the location of the economy Ngulia Safari Lodge. Natural watering holes in the plain below you attract many animals coming to drink. Ngulia Safari Lodge has 52 rooms, each room offers you sweeping views of the surrounding landscape and comes with either a double bed or twin beds. Mosquito nets suspended from the ceiling offer protection against insects, and while the rooms on the upper floors have a balcony each, those on the ground level have a patio. Since the lodge is a budget and an old lodge, you should expect basic rooms, some that lack maintenance and seem jaded in places. Ngulia has two restaurants where they serve passable meals, buffet style. The main restaurant overlooks the watering hole and the expanse of Tsavo West. At dinner time, the area is lit with floodlights so you can watch nocturnal animals visiting the hole. This lodge is ideal for the budget traveler because it is located inside the park and the views from the lodge are stunning. Ngulia safari lodge’s proximity to the rhino sanctuary offers a higher chance of seeing the rhino in Tsavo West park.
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