Sharon's Basket

Sharon’s Basket started 2006 when Sharon and Trevor walked into our office to book a safari to Masai Mara, on the morning of the safari pick up we drove through Maweni Village and Sharon was moved to tears by the poverty and the lifestyle especially of the women and children of Maweni Village, we stopped near one of the huts in Maweni and she picked up a baby playing near the muddy road, the connection was instant, she knew she had to come back again, she immediately asked whether there was a way she could help the children and the mothers.

After her safari she bought baskets which we used to carry food to the villages every evening. She spend her entire holiday collecting clothes, books, pens, food from the other guests in the hotel and distributing them to different families in the village.

Sharon’s Basket project is about helping the needy and less fortunate in our society the baskets are placed in our office and we collect anything that can be of importance to the village. So far we have managed to feed over 100 families.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”